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Project Construction

In September 2009 Integrity commenced construction on one of the first residential

Passivhaus home built to the passivhaus standard in the UK, this was London’s first passivhaus and jointly London’s first certified Passivhaus.

In Austria Cube-s have been Designers and Project Managers of Passivhaus and EnerPHit homes, University and Office Buildings for over 15 years.

Before we commence on site, we start first with site specific method statements and risk assessments for all stages of the build process, we expand on Health and Safety to include PH in each area of work.

We hold induction meetings not just on the normal site issues, but we have learnt that we need to expand to include the very basic principles of PH, with particular emphasis on the importance of the airtight layer, the quality of work required on site and why we are looking at a super insulated airtight building, which they themselves contribute to heating.

Not just the workforce, but also the sub-contractors also need to buy into the concept.

With regard to air tightness test, we firmly believe that it is better to carry out an extra first test, at as earlier stage as possible.

One of the biggest challenges that we have seen is with the design and installation of the mechanical ventilation heat recovery system along with commissioning. This is one reason that we have developed our plug and play Green-Cube.

We are currently working as designers and builders for the first Passivhaus to be constructed in Cambridge; we also sourced the land for our Clients and carried out full design and submittal for Planning Permission.

We are currently looking for suitable land to develop our own small development of sustainable, environmentally friendly homes using our own house designs built to exceed the passivhaus standard

Retrofit Services

Analysis of Building: every building is unique

Research and Survey First:
• Knowledge of how the existing building and fabric works
• Detailed Survey and measurement of building
• Investigation of existing fabric
• Speak to: home owners, facilities managers, teachers, staff, students, etc.
• Lux level requirements
• How many computers & other technical equipment
• How many people living / sitting / standing – for which days, terms, hours, etc.
• Activity planned per room

Design, Plan, Anticipate – there will still be surprises

Integrity’s services may involve carrying out a detailed site survey which would include:
• External Walls
• Internal Walls
• Floors
• Roof
• Windows and Doors
• All Fabric Penetrations

Integrity to then:
• Calculate carbon reduction and energy efficiency using PHPP
• Model the works, sustainable technologies and materials
• Detailed report on findings and our proposals
• Budget to carry out and differing scenarios
• Produce a draft programme of the works

And finally to carry out the works