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Integrity Buildings the “one-stop-shop” for designing and building your zero energy passivhaus, EnerPhit or eco building.

The Consultancy services that we provide include:
• Initial concept design assessment,
• Feasibility studies for new projects,
• Sustainable design advice and assessment,
• Sustainability statements for planning,
• Project Management
• Project Budgeting and Cost Control
• Development of initial design and preliminary PHPP assessment,
• Detailed Passivhaus design for construction and final PHPP calculations,
• Cold bridge analysis and design
• Thermal modelling,
• Airtightness,
• Shading and overheating analysis,
• Supervision of Passivhaus implementation through construction phase,
• Passivhaus documentation for certification
• Passivhaus certification through registered bodies

Integrity’s management team has over 30 years’ experience in the construction industry both in the UK and Internationally.

Our Austrian partners Cube-S Design, Architect and Project Manager of new and retrofit Passivhaus projects for all building types. We have a UK-exclusive partnership to access their expertise, uniquely giving Integrity the benefit of over 15 years of leading edge expertise.

Together we are leading the Research and Development for Austria Plus (better than Passivhaus) and also the even-more advance ‘Zero’; research in ‘Zero’ is still in its infancy but basically it enables one to get paid for net energy produced, rather than paying for energy – each house becomes a net generator!