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Integrity Buildings were Main Contractor on London’s first certified Passivhaus and jointly England’s first.

This two bedroom home in Camden was constructed for our Client on a very tight site.

The 120m2 home was constructed with a heavily insulated prefabricated timber frame set inside a 3m reinforced concrete retaining wall

As a ‘new’ working methodology was required Integrity had a significant input, not only in the practical organisation of the relevant processes on site, but also in terms of technical specification of the various components, timber frame, doors, windows, mechanical and electrical components, etc.

The home has proved very economical to run and is achieving a saving on heating costs of about 90% compared to traditional.

Bere Architects design of the house provides bright and airy rooms, with large triple glazed windows to the South. The home also incorporates two wild flower green roofs.

Architect and Architectural Design:
Bere: architects
73 Poets Road
London N5 2 SH
Tel: +44 (0) 20 7359 4503
Email: info@bere.co.uk
Web: www.bere.co.uk

Construction of Timber Frame and Shell including Design:
Kaufmann Zimmerei und Tischlerei GmbH
6870 Reuthe No 116
Tel: +43(0)5514-2209
Email: info@kaufmannzimmerei.at
Web: www.kaufmannzimmerei.at